All glass creations

Glass Artworks

« I call my practice Glassism ». All of Aurélia's paintings are made with the technique of reverse painting on glass, applying layers of paint in the back of a transparent canvas. Working with glass art symbolises the metaphor for life and its beauty.


Public Glass Art

« I bring glass art to the public ».
Glass is everywhere and can be seen or used as a beautiful piece of art. Bringing art to the public means focusing on the beauty of the ordinary and bringing people on a different journey by entering into contemplation.


Live painting with light projection 


« I connect people with art ». Everyone is creative and can create a painting: to meditate, to get together or simply to use imagination. The glass art is projected on the wall and you paint by following the lines.

Glass Rings 

« Unique wearable piece of art » . These glass rings are made for women who would like to wear a "one-of-a-kind" piece of art on their fingers, fitting their personnality and adding beauty.


Interior Glass Design

« I create designs with my glass art ». Made from reverse paintings on glass panels, it offers multiple possibilities to beautify a place and create an architectural glass structure with a piece of art.