Aurélia Bizouard is a visual artist
who works with glass.

Her art explores the relationship between life expression, human beings and society that flourished, spanning a variety of artworks, including reverse painting on glass, light projection, through contemporary glass, sometimes in participatory and conceptual ways.

 Aurélia also develops immersive art projects at KULTURELIA, creating murals or canvasses, and light experiments by projecting her paintings on glass to connect people to art, to themselves and to each other.

Today, this French artist lives in Vancouver. Her art studio is located in the art and design district of Railtown in East Vancouver and she is also represented in Los Angeles.



”My true life began with Art”

I try to force us to stop and contemplate by breaking the conformism of society and seeking the hidden meaning of life in everyone: how to express the world we see, our emotions and our life in society? How to highlight the importance of human existence in a specific context?

Glass offers endless possibilities to explore the metaphor for life through its fragility and its strength. It is possible to break it, look through it, reflect light on it, project the artwork through the glass and more. It allows me to express my vision of the world and its allegory.

I like to connect people with art by inviting them to new ways of exploration and by unleashing their inner creativity.
Creating a bridge between people and art,
between our society and the art world is mandatory to me.

__ Aurelia Bizouard.