Aurelia Bizouard.


Artist Statement

My work expresses itself in a contemporary art form. It consists in observing humanity in its existence, criticizing its social role and its behaviour, its connections and its disconnections.

My art practice is conceptual. I aim to break the conformism of society by critically distorting the reality we live in. I express the world we see, feel and experience according to the human condition in a specific context. My work ranges from creating artworks with glass and light, to painting, sculpture, photography or even ephemeral installations and artistic performances.

Glass is a societal reflection. Its use as a main material represents a metaphor for life and highlights the fragility and strength of human existence. The aesthetics of glass magnifies this allegory. Through it, I invite the viewer to enter a world of metaphors and illusions. This approach allows me to create works involving the beauty of the ordinary that evokes glass, to reflect life, time, place and the role of oneself. I try to arouse the curiosity of the viewer, to help him in finding his own questioning and to reflect on his own existence.