Aurelia Bizouard.


Aurelia Bizouard is a visual artist who works with glass in an innovative way. With glass, she expresses and sublimates her vision of life and its hidden meanings.


As a child, Aurelia began drawing very young with crayons: she copied Japanese manga, drawing the cartoon characters from her generation. She grew up in the western suburbs of Paris, the cradle of Impressionism, and was influenced by the paintings of Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh and Morisot. One day, she decided to let go of her pencils for brushes and started to paint. Attracted by the outside world, the young Aurelia often looked out of her classroom’s windows, her head full of dreams.  These windows let in the light in and gave a large space to imagine: there was something else behind the window to discover, an opening to the world. It was thus the first time she met with glass and its transparency.

In parallel with her art, Aurelia Bizouard worked in tourism for many years to discover the world and other art movements, such as surrealism and expressionism. Her life is punctuated with travels as part of her artistic journey and it has unleashed her creativity.  In 2008, she moved to Canada to discover a new culture and find new inspirations.  In 2011, when a print of Mucha placed between two glass panels broke by accident, Aurelia decided to work with glass. This was her first attempt using glass as a canvas.

Since then, Aurelia turns glass into painting, conceptual art, installation, performance, as a vector of light but also as a social experiment with immersive art projects.

Aurelia Bizouard comes from Paris, France, and she now lives in Vancouver, Canada.  Her art studio is located in the art and design district of Railtown in East Vancouver. She has shown her work in different art places in Paris, Vancouver, Toronto and she is also represented in Los Angeles.


For Aurelia Bizouard, glass is associated with life and humanity. It is fragile and solid at the same time, it protects, it could be a “mirror", it breaks or it can be rebuilt. It is ordinary, dressed with light, it magnifies the world, deforms it, gives it structure and creates distinct architectural forms. It lets the light pass through it or reflects it and opens up to the world when it transforms itself.


In order to connect people to art, Aurelia Bizouard also develops immersive art projects at KULTURELIA, creating murals or canvasses, by projecting light through my paintings made on glass.