Your own ring as a piece of art

Join us for a special workshop to create your own GLASS RING! 

$95 per person in English or French (1h30-2h)

What we’ll do:
Our experience will take place in East Vancouver at RAILTOWN STUDIOS.
Participants will learn how to create their own unique fine art glass rings by using the reverse painting technique. 
(you will be able to create 1 or 2 glass rings)

Glass, band, paint and box to bring your ring back home!
No need of special clothes, I will give you an artist apron to cover yourself

About Aurélia:
I am a visual artist working with glass : www.aureliabizouard.com
I love to connect people with art and make them creative! 

Railtown Studios
Address: 321 Railway St - Vancouver
Phone: 250-879-2912

The ring will be dry the next day but will be ready to bring it home by the end of the experience.