2019 – CCFM (Centre Culturel Franco Manitobain) - “Contextualisations”, ephemeral art installation, (Winnipeg, MB)
2019 – GPAG (Gibsons Public Art Gallery) – Group show “What Matters”, selected works of the “Kintsugi” collection (Gibsons, BC)
2019/18/17 – VANCOUVER AIRPORT –  3 years exhibition of the “Broken” collection (international, gate D62, Vancouver airport, BC)
2018 – SOCIAL CONCIERGE – Solo show for the NYE pop-up gallery “Midnight in Paris”, curated by Kirsten Larsen (Vancouver, BC)
2018 – LE COLLECTIF – Selected group show during the BC Culture Days, exhibition of "A Golden Circle" collection (Vancouver, BC)
2018 – ICEBOX GALLERY – Exhibition of "A Golden Circle" collection (Vancouver, BC)
2018 – DENIS BLOCH GALLERY – Selected works of the "Broken" collection (Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, USA)
2018 – CAPTURE FESTIVAL – "Illusions & Reflections", exhibition of the “Human Soul” photographs, in collaboration with photographer Doug Kennedy (Vancouver, BC)
2018 – REN GALLERY – "Viva La Vulva", exhibition of “The Woman Soul” collection for the Women's Day on March 8th (Los Angeles, USA)
2018 – ICEBOX GALLERY – "Threshold", group exhibition: art installation with light and "The Human Soul" collection (Vancouver, BC)
2018 – L.A. ART SHOW – Contemporary art fair invited by Studio G3 Gallery, Convention Centre (Los Angeles, CA)
2018/17 – CLAY AND GLASS ASSOCIATION – 2 year exhibition of “ArtDeco” at the London Museum, Rails End Gallery, Thames Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Burlington (Ontario galleries, ON)
2018/17/16 – EAST SIDE CULTURE CRAWL - Studio opening  (Railtown, East Vancouver, BC)
2017/16/15 – NGALLERY – Selected works of the "Colour" collection (Toronto, ON)
2017 – IDS DESIGN SHOW – Selected works for designers (Vancouver, BC)
2017 – CANADA 150 – "Celebration of Senses", University of British Columbia Farm (Vancouver, BC)
2016 – ART SHOPPING CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR (Paris - Carrousel du Louvre, France)
2016 – GALERIE THUILLER - Group exhibition (Paris, Le Marais, France)
2016 – TERMINAL CITY CLUB - Show in partnership with Belle Fusion art association (Vancouver, BC)
2016 – KABUNI DESIGN STUDIO - Solo exhibition and art installation with light (Vancouver, BC)
2016/15 – ART VANCOUVER SHOW (Vancouver, BC) 
2015 – SIDNEY FINE ART SHOW – Selected works of the “Unconditional Love” collection for the art fair (Vancouver Island, BC)
2015 – COMMUNITY ARTS COUNCIL OF VICTORIA – THE LOOK SHOW - 16th annual – Selected works of the "Travels" collection (Victoria, BC) 
2014 – LE CENTRE – Solo exhibition at the Francophone Cultural Centre (Vancouver, BC)
2014 – RAFA – Group show at the Grand Arts Market (Edmonton, AB)
2013 – CITE DES ROCHEUSES – Group exhibition of the "Woman" collection during the Alberta Culture Days (Calgary, AB)
2013 – PUBLIC LIBRARY OF TORONTO – Solo exhibition of "Look in the Mirror" at the art exhibit space (Toronto, ON)
2012 – ALLIANCE FRANCAISE OF NORTH YORK – Solo exhibition of "Sparkling Earth" (Toronto, ON)


2019 – LOGAN LAKE, Light Painting “Discover Our Nature Day”, Snake Mountain Bike Race fundraising (Kamloops, BC) 
2019 – PARKER STUDIOS, Light Painting with Beedie Real Estate (Vancouver, BC) 
2019 – SAGA, Light Painting for the Conseil Jeunesse Francophone, on the identity and engaged art (Sechelt, BC)
2019 – 1919 WINNIPEG STRIKE “Bloody Saturday”, public art project in collaboration with Warren Carther (Winnipeg, BC)
2019/18 – MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, Light Painting for NYE with the Social Concierge (Vancouver, BC)
2018 – RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE BC, Light Painting with the non-profit organization RMHBC (Vancouver, BC)
2018 – WOODWARD’S HARVEST DINNER, Light Painting with PHS Association (East Vancouver, BC)
2018 – CITY OF PORT COQUITLAM, "Rivers and Trails Festival", mural made with the light painting technique (Port Coquitlam, BC)
2018 – LINUX OPEN SOURCE SUMMIT, Light Painting with the Linux Foundation (Convention Centre of Vancouver, BC)
2018 – OUTSIDER ARTS FESTIVAL, Light Painting with the CACV (Community Arts Council of Vancouver, BC)
2018 – BASTILLE DAY JULY 14th, "Bastille Day" Light painting in partnership with the Alliance Française to celebrate the national day (Vancouver, BC)
2018 – HENDERSON SCHOOL – "Gender Equality and Social Justice" Light painting with the 8-10 y/o kids of the school (Vancouver, BC)
2018 – REN GALLERY – “#metoo” Light Painting (Los Angeles, CA)
2018 – WOODWARDS HERITAGE BUILDING – “Community Love” Light painting (Vancouver, BC)
2018/17 – VANCOUVER DESIGN WEEK – "Impact - A Magical World" Light art experience and glass art installation (Vancouver, BC) 
2017 – EAST SIDE CULTURE CRAWL – Studio opening for a participatory "Collaborative Peace" Light Painting art installation (East Vancouver, BC)


2015 – RICHMOND HOSPITAL FOUNDATION - Donation of the artwork "Multiple Lives" (Richmond, BC)
2016 – BELLE FUSION – HEAL OUR SOCIETY - Allure + Prestige, charity art auction by Belle Fusion (Vancouver Terminal City Club, BC)
2011 – GRANGE FURNITURE - Artworks on display (King St - Toronto, ON)
2011 – STARBUCKS - Solo exhibitions at the coffee shops (Front St & King St, Toronto, ON)


2019 – RADIO-CANADA Manitoba - 1919 Winnipeg strike public art project“Bloody Saturday” with Warren Carther - by Martine Bordeleau (Winnipeg, MB)
2019 – ENVOL 91FM– Interview on ephemeral art and the artist statement - by Jean Fontaine (Winnipeg, MB)
2019 – RADIO-CANADA Manitoba - Maison des Artistes “Contextualisations” - by Marie-Gabrielle Ménard (Winnipeg, MB)
2019 – RADIO-CANADA Manitoba - “Contextualisations”- by Marie-Gabrielle Ménard (Winnipeg, MB)
2019 – COAST REPORTER – “KINTSUGI: The Art in the Flawed”– by Rik Jespersen (Sunshine Coast, BC)
2019 – RADIO-CANADA - “What Matters, l’exposition au coeur des matériaux”- by Jacques Dufresnes (Vancouver, BC)
2018 – THE TRI-CITY NEWS - VISUAL ARTS “Follow lights for fest mural”- by Janis Cleugh (Port Coquitlam, BC)
2018 – POCO ARTS - “A collective murale created at the Lions Park in Port Coquitlam”- by Patrick McCarthy (Port Coquitlam, BC)
2018 – RADIO-CANADA - “A Golden Circle at Le Collectif”- by Johann Nertomb (Vancouver, BC)
2018 – VANCOUVER IS AWESOME - “Local artist creates giant public colouring book art project”- by Lindsay William-Ross (Vancouver, BC)
2018 – RADIO-CANADA - “Création d’oeuvre picturales en groupe” - by Jacques Dufresnes (Vancouver, BC)
2017 – BCIT interview by Francesca Drake about the artwork "From Darkness to Light" (East Vancouver, BC)
2017 – ART VANCOUVER Art Critic- by Devon Michael (Vancouver,BC)
2017 – RADIO-CANADA - “Démarche Artistique avec le verre” - by Marie Villeneuve (Vancouver, BC)
2017 – FRENCH CONSULATE INTERVIEW- by Gratiane Daum (Vancouver, BC)
2017 – RADIO-CANADA - “Une oeuvre d’art au doigt”- by Marie Villeneuve (Vancouver, BC)
2016 – DESIGN STUDIO KABUNI - “Meet our makers!”- by Ryleah Resler (Vancouver, BC)
2016 – ISLAND ART MAGAZINE - “Being part of an art show in Paris”, published by Susan Schaefer (Victoria, BC)
2016-2017 – MARKETING OF ART, workshop to help artists(Vancouver, BC)
2016 – RADIO CANADA – with artist Christine Anne Kobel for the first Café des Arts (Vancouver, BC) 
2016 –ARTIST TALK “Working with glass”
2016 – KABUNI DESIGN STUDIO- by Sam Wink & Jenilee Marigomen (Vancouver, BC)
2015 – RADIO-CANADA “Clin d’oeil Art”- by Monia Blanchet (Victoria, BC)
2015 – BELLE FUSION - Blog interviewby Sherri Cheung : "A See-thru Type of Art" (Vancouver, BC)
2015 – CILS FM radio "Paroles d'artistes"- by Maude de Blois (Victoria, BC)
2015 – ART & DESIGN MAGAZINE- by Marie-Agnès Moller (Paris, France)
2014 – COMMUNITY ARTS COUNCIL OF THE SAANICH PENINSULA - by the Tulista Gallery (Sydney, BC)


2018 – LE COLLECTIF– Board member and formerly launch of the BC francophone group of artists (Vancouver, BC) 
2017 – CAFÉ DES ARTS – Introducing experts in different art practice (dance, photography, aboriginal art, literature, music) in collaboration with the Alliance Française and the French Consulate (Vancouver, BC)
2017/16 – MARKETING OF ART - Workshops to help artists and creative people, creating a bridge between art and business (Vancouver, BC)
2016 – KABUNI – “How to : reverse painting on Plexiglas” - Workshop for kids (Vancouver, BC)
2014 – CITE DES ROCHEUSES - Workshops « Idées-Créatrices » to help people to develop their creativity (Calgary, AB)
2013 – IDAS In-Definite Arts Society - Workshops for artists with disabilities "Express Yourself with painting on plexiglass" (Calgary, AB)
2012 – HOLIDAY INN YORKDALE - Curator at the Holiday Inn Yorkdalehotel to exhibit local artists' work (Toronto, ON)
2011 – ART BRIDGES – Volunteer at the Francophone Researcher Advisory Committee (Toronto, ON)



2019-2020 – LA SORBONNE, Preparing an art diploma “Arts Plastiques” (Paris, France)
2019 – ECUAD, Emily Carr University for Arts and Design – Course on “Contemporary Critical Theory”, by Jess MacCormack (Vancouver, BC) 
2019 – PILCHUCK GLASS SCHOOL – Class mentoredby Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend“Painting in the Transparent Space of Glass” (Seattle, WA)
2017 – ECUAD, Emily Carr University for Arts and Design - Introduction course to the design and architectural space (Vancouver, BC)
2017/16 – CCAFCB Centre Culturel Artistique Francophone - Mentoring program with France Trépanier (Vancouver, BC)


2019 – PILCHUCK GLASS SCHOOL – Artist Residency – Mentored by Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend(Seattle, WA)
2019 – MINI ENTR’ARTS - Artist residency - Mentored by Serge Murphy (Calgary, AB)
2019 – RESEAU N.O. – Artist residency “Contextualisations”- Mentored by Emilie Lemay (Winnipeg, MB)
2015 – BANFF CENTRE FOR THE ARTS AND CREATIVITY - Artist residency with the RAFA, mentored by Serge Murphy (Banff, AB)
2015 – TULISTA GALLERY - Artist residency at the Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula (Sidney, BC)


2018 – PORT COQUITLAM ARTS & CULTURE DIVISION - Talk about the light lines painting technique and public engagement (Port Coquitlam, BC)
2017 – OPUS ART SUPPLY - Talk about the reverse glass painting technique (North Vancouver, BC)
2017/16 – RAILTOWN STUDIOS - Teaching the reverse glass painting technique and on how to create your own glass ring (Vancouver, BC) 
2012 – DISTILLERY DISTRICT - Discussion and exhibition of paintings at Andranik Aghazarian's art studio (Toronto, ON)


2018 – CITY OF PORT COQUITLAM - Certificate of Appreciation
2018 – CANADA COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS – Project Grant with the Alliance Française