The Gibsons Public Art Gallery is please to host the new exhibition “WHAT MATTERS” from three artists: “Felt A La Main With Love”, Catherine Tableau and Aurelia Bizouard with her collection KINTSUGI.

With digital technologies dominating more and more today's visual arts, the three artists of
?WHAT MATTERS! reclaim and question in their practice the use of common and accessible material found in every day : wool, glass, and plaster.

Within a ritualized and compulsive action of making, they push back the traditional use, the limits of form, and they play with the medium's constraints while exploring its qualities.
What matters and what the three artists share here through an echoing fragmented pattern is the tactile nature and true essence of each material - wool, glass, and plaster - rising to a sensitive, emotive artistic value.

What Matters.png

KINTSUGI - In Japan, broken objects are often repaired with gold. The flaw is seen as a unique piece of the object’s history, which adds to its beauty. Aurelia Bizouard creates art with glass panels and reverse painting questioning the meaning of life. The use of glass - a transparent fragile matter - is like a metaphor for life, its fragility and its strength. - Aurelia Bizouard

Midnight in Paris - NYE 2018 by AURELIA BIZOUARD

The ‘Salon Dorée’ (Golden Lounge) is going to be a warm, artistic and sophisticated space that will have a free flow side entrance off of the main room. This room will be about the old-world Parisian bistro atmosphere with a golden twist. Live art installations, gold dancers, gilded frames, feathers and changing screen will put this risqué space to task as it is centred with an exclusive Absinthe cocktail bar. Both the cold and hot Absinthe rituals will be served. The entire event will be hosted by the Green Fairy and the space will feature numerous sponsor/partner activation and installation POS opportunities seamlessly integrated into the overall thematic and flow of the evening.

Aurelia Bizouard’s unique French GOLD collection art on display for this event.
Curated by Kirsten Larsen: “Super stoked to be curating a Paris themed Pop up art gallery complete with some amazing live painters for the upcoming Mid Night in Paris New Years Eve party! Perfect way to start 2019”


Tout le monde est créatif! Même vous! by AURELIA BIZOUARD

Créez votre propre bague et développer votre créativité!
Le 11 décembre à 17h30 , SDE de Vancouver.

La créativité n’est pas réservée qu’au domaine des arts. Être créatif, c’est aussi trouver des solutions, sortir du cadre et être capable de rebondir lorsqu’une situation inattendue se présente. Pour cette dernière rencontre de l’année 2018, nous vous proposons de créer votre propre bague en verre avec l’artiste Aurélia Bizouard, et à stimuler votre créativité grâce à des activités animées par Frédérique Niel, Coach d’affaires à la SDECB.

Objectifs :

  • Forcer les participantes à arrêter de penser, de s’autoévaluer et de juger leurs idées.

  • Montrer aux participantes comment rebondir sur les idées des autres.

  • Créer quelque chose de ses mains : tout le monde peut devenir un créateur.

Inscription ici.

2nd Annual Van Art Fundraiser - oct 16th 2018 by AURELIA BIZOUARD

- by the founder Phil Burg.

'From The Bottom Up Foundation' is back with our 2nd Annual Silent Art Auction + Party Fundraiser! Help us raise $10,000 this year to directly support families of Vancouver's DTES with diapers! 

Join us Friday, November 16th from 7:00 - 10:00 pm at 1063 Hamilton Street in Yaletown where we will be hosting a silent art auction and party to raise money and awareness for diaper needs in Vancouver. Artwork will be provided mainly by local Vancouver artists with 50-100% of the sale price going directly to the purchase of diapers. In addition to the art auction, we will be serving beer and wine, along with live music until midnight !

80 pre-sale tickets available with 50 tickets available at the door.
Buy tix + buy art + help kids


Harvest Dinner at Woodward's atrium nov 4th 2018 by AURELIA BIZOUARD

The Woodward’s community is coming together once again to host the 9th Annual Woodward’s Harvest Dinner.  The event will take place on Sunday, November 4th starting at 5:00 pm in the Woodward’s Atrium. Come join us and enjoy a tasty dinner! We’ll feed over 1000 of Woodward’s neighbours and friends. The food for the meal has been generously donated by the incredible people at Nesters Market at Woodward’s and other Woodward’s partners, and will be cooked and prepared by the professional team at the Fairmont Pacific Rim.  

We will also have the artist Aurelia Bizouard (@aureliabizouard) who will be on site for a live community painting, created from a light placed behind her glass artwork, and that will be projected onto the canvas. Everyone is invited to be part of it and colour the canvas! This public engagement project(@kulturelia) provides an immersive experience, by enabling people to create a work of art, to be part of it, to connect to each other and to represent the Woodward’s community. The painting will then be placed in the atrium of Woodward’s as it belongs to the people who created it. The original glass art piece will then be auctioned off and the funds will go towards our charity partner, PHS Community Services Society. 

PHS Community Services Society is a charitable non-profit organization operating in Vancouver’s DTES. A gift as little as $25 can provide someone in the Downtown Eastside community with BC ID, something many individuals can’t afford and desperately need.  To donate online visit 

Come out and enjoy a nice meal, paint away and help a good cause!

See you there!!

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 11.32.09 AM.png

Light Lines Painting and A Golden Circle exhibition during the official Launch of LeCollectif by AURELIA BIZOUARD

During BC Culture Days, the Main Alley Building, 102 E 4th Avenue, will be the popup place to celebrate the Collectif des Artistes Visuels de Colombie-Britannique ("lecollectif") official launch ! 

Exhibitions, concerts, screenings, readings, workshops for children will punctuate the three opening days. Free event. open to everyone.


Light Lines Painting at LeCollectif launch!!

(sept 28th 18h-23h, sept 29th 11h-23h, sept 30th 11h-18h)

102 E 4th ave @MAIN ALLEY building

Vancouver, British Columbia

Visual Arts — Collective Creation

We would like people to connect with art, with themselves and to each other's. We believe this can happen by providing an immersive experience, by enabling people to create a work of art or to be part of it. The first step is to create the painting on a glass panel through which light will be projected. The designs on the glass are created by the artist Aurelia Bizouard around one major theme. The second step is to engage people in the creative process by having them paint and fill-out with colours the lines of light on a canvas (or a wall) from the projection of the glass artwork (the light projection will be on friday evening)

More on BC Culture Days:

Full program on LeCollectif:

Follow the light lines for new Port Coquitlam mural - 23,24 sept & 6 oct 2018 by AURELIA BIZOUARD


A wall in Port Coquitlam’s Lions Park will get dashes of colour when the city hosts its annual Rivers and Trails Festival Sunday.

And visual artist Aurelia Bizouard wants the community to help her paint the 38’ live light mural during the event that runs from noon to 4 p.m. in the park.

Bizouard, who splits her time between Vancouver, Los Angeles and Paris, will start by painting nature scenes from Lions Park on the back of a glass panel.

When done, she’ll shine a bright light onto the glass, of which the lines will be projected onto the wall so participants can trace its lines and fill out the canvas.

Bizouard told The Tri-City News her Light Lines Painting project in PoCo will be similar to the artwork she designed at the Woodward’s building in Vancouver; last year, she also set up a live light mural during the popular Eastside Culture Crawl, in east Vancouver.

“My main purpose is to connect people to art in a social setting,” she said. “It has an impact not only for them but for the community. It delivers a strong message.”

Bizouard said participants aren’t afraid of a blank canvas when there’s a general sketch lit up in front of them “because they can just follow the lines and then have the freedom to express themselves with colour in the spaces in between. It’s just magic what happens.”

She added, “When they step out of their comfort zone and see the results, they have the confidence to be connected to something larger than themselves.”

Bizouard said she hopes to get at least 50 people out to help her with the image (a tent will be set up if it rains); a follow-up workshop will be held the next day.

The finished work will be ready by late October.

Click here for more info

Light Lines Painting at Outsider Arts Festival CACV - Aug 10 & 11, 2018 by AURELIA BIZOUARD

Light lines painting at the Vancouver Outside Arts Festival, organised by CACV #voaf2018 #voaf#cacvan #roundhousecc and

outsider Festival Collage.jpg

More info on the festival - Community Arts Council of Vancouver presents the second annual Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival (VOAF) offering visual and performing artists facing social exclusion and other barriers opportunities for exhibition and sales, performance and participation, connection and learning.

The 3-day free festival includes individual artists as well as organizational partners, workshops for artists and the public, and hundreds of artworks on display and for sale, alongside music, spoken word, live art, clown, and other performances in the Exhibition Hall, Performance Centre, and outdoor Turntable spaces.

This public, free drop-in event takes place over Day 1 and 2 of the 2018 Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival ( at the Roundhouse Community Centre:
- Friday, August 10th 11:00AM - 2:00PM
- Saturday, August 11th 10:00AM - 1:00PM

A GOLDEN CIRCLE - Closing Reception 7 to 9pm - July 27th, 2018 by AURELIA BIZOUARD

Human beings have all time questioned life and themselves. Why do we do what we do? What is the philosophy behind it? Why do we work? Why do we love? What inspires us? Why do we care? What is our purpose? What is our own existence about? Do we have an answer to life? Are we at the right place? It all all goes back to the original purpose, cause or belief within ourselves. The “Golden Circle” collection is an invitation to question your own journey.

FB event

IceBox gallery - 321 Railway St - Vancouver



A MAGICAL WORLD - Vancouver Design Week - opening May 8th, 2018 by AURELIA BIZOUARD

Enter a magical world where technology, nature, and human beings meet. Dive into a world of light designed to deliver a message of positive impact and immerse your senses in colourful visuals and relaxing music.

About the event: FB

RAILTOWN STUDIOS - #409 - 321 Railway St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1A4, Canada


Opening Tuesday May 8th at 6pm to 9pm
Thursday May 10th, 7-9 pm
Friday May 11th, 7-9 pm
Saturday May 12th, 7-9 pm

About the Vancouver Design Week:



CAPTURE FESTIVAL - opening April 17th 2018 with Douglas C W Kennedy by AURELIA BIZOUARD


Curiosity is part of human nature. Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?, painted by Paul Gauguin, could be considered the inspiring element that brought together Douglas C.W. Kennedy and Aurelia Bizouard. Both create images of the body superimposed with paintings and photographs of nature and architecture, images that reflect the human soul. Delightful images, dreamy images, and universally intriguing images reveal timelessness and infinity. Images on black and white photographic paper highlight this phenomenon of existence we all share.
WHERE: RAILTOWN STUDIOS - 321 Railway St, Vancouver
From 6 to 8 pm


Feb 16th, 2018 was hosted the opening of the THRESHOLD art exhibition at the Ice Box gallery. Artists from the RAILTOWN STUDIOS exhibiez their work, including Aurelia Bizouard with one photography part of the "DRESS THE HUMAN SOUL" collection and a decoupage on glass from the "EVE" collection. The installation is up until mid-march.
321 Railway St.