Aurora Civitas.

Aurora Civitas  , art installation 2019 - glass, ice, light and tyndall stone

Aurora Civitas, art installation 2019 - glass, ice, light and tyndall stone

Aurora Civitas is an exhibition of glass paintings, glass sculptures, and immersive installations by Aurelia Bizouard using light projection through the artwork drawn on a glass panel, in which audiences can explore the theme of Contextualisations that subverts the concept of one self, place and context in which an action, utterance, or expression occurs, and can only be understood relative to that context.

This project highlights the Contextualisation of oneself through a place and spaces that bring together and isolate the North and West of Canada (residency in Winnipeg, march 2019).

Music by Liam Brownrigg.

“Aurelia Bizouard’s project, Aurora Civitas, is an immersive work that was installed in March in Winnipeg. It is a powerful work that existed for only one night. It is/was ephemeral, like its inspirations, the Aurora Borealis and all human life.” ()
- Warren Carther


Artist residency and research grealty supported by:

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Liberty, Equality, Fraternité. Humanity?

Bastille Day - 2019
Ephemeral art installation (glass , projection and light – 15 min)

This project, using a projection through the glass painting, invites you to be part of an ephemeral light artwork and to immerse yourself into the Bastille Day celebration. You can observe, listen and be part of the art installation. This approach is centered on Humanity, Freedom and History: what is our place in a given environment? What meaning do we give to History and the actions we have created and create? How do we feel in this place that we currently occupy? You will discover how the context in which we find ourselves can influence our own perception of an action at a certain time in the past or in the present.

Music by Liam Brownrigg, composed through the deconstruction of three classic pieces from before, during, and after the 1789 storming of the Bastille. French spoken samples are sprinkled throughout the piece, inviting the listener to reflect on the nature of art and life. Change is constant, through both revolution and evolution. 


Tree Rainbow.

Tree Rainbow - 2017
Reverse glass painting with black light.

The black light highlights the colours of the plants and create a blossoming effect to show the real beauty of nature and its fragility. The blue dark line that goes down along the plants represents the oil. Hidden golden glitters in the white paint are a metaphor to the “gold rush”, nowadays the oil and gas industry, very present in our society.