Live Light Painting


"Community Love" created by people. Light Projection through the glass artwork at Woodwards , Vancouver.

People create a canvas or a mural from a glass art through which a light is projected to create a “live light painting” and fill-out the canvas with colours. This could be done in art galleries, art studios, homes, murals and other public places. The art resulting from this collective exercise reflects the creativity and the energy of the people involved. During this process, we see different people from different background getting together as a whole community, with one universal language: ART. It allows people to stop from their own reality and contemplate the beauty they are able to create. 

The question we always try to ask is how to connect people with art?
I believe this can happen by providing an immersive experience at a venue to unify people around art. The concept of playing with light and colours invites people in an interactive art piece: they will discover how creating could impact their life and how it could bring people together.

The first step is to create the painting on a glass panel through which a light will be projected. This is done by painting on the back side of the glass panel and then creating drawings by removing the paint. The designs on the glass art could include any shapes of symbols previously drew by the artist to create the art piece. 
The second step is to engage people in the creative process by having them paint on a canvas from the projection of the glass artwork. Once the painting is completed, a light placed behind the glass art will be projected on a canvas to create a “live light painting”. People will paint the lines of light and fill-out the canvas with colours like a huge colouring book.
The art resulting from this collective exercise will reflect the creativity and the energy of the people involved.

Canvas, brushes and coloured acrylic paint available in different buckets. It would require the use of a projector (at first into a darkened space or in the evening to follow the light lines). The painting is completed once the people paint all the canvas. It will take few days to complete the overall project and painting.

Participants will learn how to create a mural.
The experience can take place anywhere, anytime, as long as we have a wall or a canvas on a wall.


Live Light Painting in L.A. - REN Gallery, Santee St

Live Light Painting in Vancouver - Railtown Studios


At the Woodwards Atrium - Gastown Vancouver