Kintsugi: The art in the flawed

For artist Aurélia Bizouard, “there is beauty in the broken,” a view literally reflected in her work.

Bizouard has ten pieces in the mixed-media exhibition, ?What Matters!, currently at Gibsons Public Art Gallery. All of her works in the show were created in the spirit of the Japanese method called kintsugi, which is as much a philosophy as an artistic technique.

Kintsugi literally means “golden joinery.” It is the art of repairing broken ceramics and glass with a lacquer mixed with a precious metal, such as gold. Rather than disguising the damage, the technique highlights the object’s brokenness as part of its own story.

“As a human being, you go through different life experiences, and sometimes you can be broken. But at the end, you’re still beautiful and life is more important than anything else,” Bizouard told Coast Reporter. “It makes you who you are.” More