Light Lines Painting and A Golden Circle exhibition during the official Launch of LeCollectif

During BC Culture Days, the Main Alley Building, 102 E 4th Avenue, will be the popup place to celebrate the Collectif des Artistes Visuels de Colombie-Britannique ("lecollectif") official launch ! 

Exhibitions, concerts, screenings, readings, workshops for children will punctuate the three opening days. Free event. open to everyone.


Light Lines Painting at LeCollectif launch!!

(sept 28th 18h-23h, sept 29th 11h-23h, sept 30th 11h-18h)

102 E 4th ave @MAIN ALLEY building

Vancouver, British Columbia

Visual Arts — Collective Creation

We would like people to connect with art, with themselves and to each other's. We believe this can happen by providing an immersive experience, by enabling people to create a work of art or to be part of it. The first step is to create the painting on a glass panel through which light will be projected. The designs on the glass are created by the artist Aurelia Bizouard around one major theme. The second step is to engage people in the creative process by having them paint and fill-out with colours the lines of light on a canvas (or a wall) from the projection of the glass artwork (the light projection will be on friday evening)

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