Aurelia Bizouard


My work expresses itself in a contemporary and conceptual form to observe humanity in its existence, social roles and behaviours. This approach allows me to create artworks that involve the reaction or participation of the public by trying to break the conformism of society, critically distorting the reality we think we live in. I seek the hidden meaning of life and find ways to express the world we see, our emotions as a human being in a specific societal context.

It ranges from creating artworks, with glass and light, to artistic performances that invite the public to participate or only to observe. I work with sculpture, paintings, photography, ephemeral installations to raise viewer’s curiosity.

Using glass as a main medium represents a metaphor for life and highlights the importance of human existence. The aesthetic of the glass represents its fragility and strength, the viewer then enters a world of illusions and disillusions by finding symbols through its own interpretation.